Personal Experiences

My first Jin Shin Do experience was in March 2010, at first I wasn’t really sure what Jin Shin Do was, or If I even wanted to do it. But one day a few friends of mine had their first session and they couldn’t stop talking about how great it was, of course I had to give it a try myself. And im very glad I did, I’ve never been in that state of mind before. It was the most relaxed I’ve ever been in my life, and it totally released all my stress and really loosened me up. I really recommend Jin Shin Do to anybody, it’s a great way to relax, and you get a natural healthy body high. Like a friend of mine said after her first session ‘Its better then being stoned’ and I have to agree with her one hundred percent. My session was fifteen minutes, and in that short period of time my whole body experienced something like never before. I can only imagine getting the full one hour session, that would be amazing. The environment of where I had my session done was also very comforting, there were scented candles and everything, Alicia made me feel very relaxed. But overall I had an amazing first experience with Jin Shin Do and I highly recommend it to anybody who’s craving that healthy body high. "

" When I first got told about this, " Jin Shin Do "I thought to myself, how stupid. Why would anyone want to go through the pain of getting their pressure points pushed on?
When I finally gave in to trying it, it wasn't what I expected at all. I went into such a deep state, that I barely even really remember. When i woke up, I just felt so relaxed and refreshed. It was like a high you wouldn't get from any drug. , but it was... natural ! No harm done. Words cant even explain how different this experience was. but i really really recommend it. "

" Hi Alicia...just wanted to let you know that ******* really enjoyed her session yesterday.  She said it was really helpful and exactly what she needs right now. She said of all the therapies we've tried this spring, Jin Shin Do has been the most helpful!! (and we've tried a lot!)."

" I am soooo grateful you emailed us that day letting us know about your Jin Shin Do practice...there has been a huge shift for ***** since her last session with you. The next day she was light and cheerful, walked to Quality Foods (she doesn't walk anywhere!), bought a bunch of groceries and made us dinner!!!  She is sleeping better, back to playing a little bit of soccer. She has definitely turned a corner. You are definitely doing what you're meant to do, how wonderful for you to have found your calling!  And we're so grateful that you have! "