Alicia Kent
Registered Jin Shin Do® Acupressurist
Registered Medical Lab Scientist


 Alicia assists you to relax, reduce stress, release pain, gain insight and clarity, thereby regaining your personal power and a sense of peace.

Alicia brings 30 years of Healthcare Experience into her now choosen field of Jin Shin Do®
Alicia has over the recent years worked with and experienced numerous natural, healthy Altered States, and is eager to share this knowlege to empower the upcoming generation.

From a Recent Testimonial:
"Alicia's deep well of talent-- her intelligence, intuition, sensitivity, strength and spirituality -has been brought to bear in a new area: Jin Shin Do. 
Her profession in medical science combines with her passion for holistic health 
to make her a top student in her training. 
She will certainly be an expert practitioner of Jin Shin Do, 
and help many people.”