Natural Ways to Get High

Most of us are high almost all day. Whether it’s sugar, caffeine or food in general, all of these substances create a positive altered state of consciousness. `Getting high’ can be boiled down to changing your physiology so that you experience a different state of awareness, usually heightened. Some methods of altering your state of mind and body are less damaging than others. The most natural alternatives, the ones with fewer chemicals, are the least harmful ones. So if you want to live a little longer and still follow your instincts to get high, add some variety and go natural!

To help you fulfill your natural instincts to alter your state of mind, here is a list of some ways to naturally get high:
 Food. Food, and even the act of eating, affects us on many different levels. It makes us feel  good because it involves our emotional neurotransmitters such as dopamine, epinephrine and  serotonin.
 Naturally occurring sugar. Another form of food, sugar deserves its own category because it has  a slightly different affect on our bodies. Simple carbohydrates, food that taste sweet on the  tongue, digests and are absorbed very quickly. The pancreas compensates by releasing large  amounts of insulin, which can lead to an adrenaline rush.
 Exercise. Physical activity is believed to release endorphins, the body’s natural pain reliever,  and the feel good hormone and neurotransmitter,epinephrine.
 Sleep. We actually move through several states of awareness duringsleep. So far 3 stages of  sleep have been identified: alpha waves, sleep spindles and REM (rapid eye movement, or  dreaming).
 Love. Nature deemed love and bonding so important to survival that She made them  stimulate brain hormones, oxytocin and vasopressin, which are integral for social attachment.
 Being in love. Romantic love, like sugar, deserves its own category because of its unique  affects. Brain scans show that being in love is linked to dopamine, the brain chemical closely  associated with euphoria, craving and addiction. Also like sugar, the body can only endure  this passion for a limited time before rebounding. 
 Laughter. They’ve only begun to test the benefits of laughter but already they’ve found that it  reduces pain, prevents negative stress and boosts the immune system. They believe laughter  works by releasing endorphins and decreasing hormones and neurotransmitters associated  with the stress response.

Hot bathsHaving similar affects as exercise, taking a hot bath gets the heart pumping and lowers blood pressure. It counteracts stress, soothing internal organs and the endocrine system.
MassagesDeep tissue massage may release the brain’s opiates, endorphins, which promote feelings of happiness and well-being.Massage is known to improve blood circulation and muscle tone, lower blood pressure, and stimulate the lymphatic system for faster detoxification, which in turn decreases the stress on the body.
Meditation or prayer.Both of these practices, some say they are one and the same, can create the same euphoric state. People report (and science has confirmed) that when meditatingthey lose a sense of self and concept of all space and time. Sounds spiritual AND psychedelic, doesn’t it?
Creativity. Creativity throws the brain into lower brainwaves called thealpha state. This state allows us to focus intently and tap into our intuition. Creativity is often thought of as another form of meditation or spiritual activity.
Sunbathing. The sun is thought to be nature’s own anti-depressant. Sunlight seems to effect hormone production, shutting down the secretion of melatonin (what makes us sleepy) and increase serotonin(what makes us happy).
Nature connection. Ok, who here hasn’t relaxed to either being in nature or listening to its music? Tons of relaxation music is sold so that people can activate alpha brainwaves and enter into a relaxed alertness.
Enlightenment. This is a state that many people reach for all their lives. It’s a total sense of connectedness with the universe. We are all one. All you know is peace and you can sense the divine in every living creature. You’re higher than a kite and you’ve done it with the power of your mind! Try reading Stuart’s interesting post about the brain, enlightenment and meditation practice.
Helping or contributing. In the game of life, most species (especially humans) survive because they live in groups. Just think, havingcompassion and helping those in need makes you the kind of person that many people would like to help survive. It’s healthy to do good!
Problem-solving or achievement. Here we are again with the alpha state for problem-solving. And who can argue that succeeding gives you a huge high? Although I couldn’t find the research to back it up, serotonin is a likely suspect.
Competition. How many times have you heard that a little competition is healthy? Don’t you find it fun to challenge yourself by competing against a worthy opponent? I don’t think humans would have survived this long without the drive and fulfillment that competition gives us.
Art. Story telling, painting, sculpture, etc. All of these represent the product of creativity. It stands to reason that the power and energy that artists use to create their works would somehow live for as long as the work exists.

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